Hate week part 2.... Bob Knight

(I'm sure some people will comment based on the title of this article alone, but to those who read it, let me lead off by saying these are purely a bit of hate week fun. Though it really ruins the whole premise of a sarcastic "hate" article, after yesterdays reactions I felt the need to put a disclaimer on today's musings. I have a great deal of respect for Coach Knight, but this is hate week, so without further adieu, let's do some "hating" on the face of IU basketball.)

Ed. note: I am bumping this to the front page for quality haterade.

Well, I thought a long time about which IU figure to go after today, and finally I figured let's go big or go home. Mr. Knight, your career had many ups, some downs as well, but you really confuse me. Why are you so angry? Seriously, go to his wikipedia page. The first picture of the man, not even kidding, is this:

Does this look like the face of a celebrated coach with millions of dollars, not to mention countless players who've gone on to succeed with the lessons they learned under the aforementioned coach? Evidently it does, but it also bears a striking resemblance to another famous figure:

Ah, now I could go on and on comparing the similarities between these two figures, both have long histories of luring promising youths to the "dark side", both are famous for evil language (the emperor is far less profane however), and both love to give someone a good choking every now and then. I won't though, I don't want to go overly nerdy. Just know that I could have.

Speaking of "the choking incident", it was brought to my attention that some professional actors attempted to recreate Bob Knight's famous Neil Reed choke from 1997. Here's a photo:

Shocking stuff here. I would point out that poor Neil had no mat to land on. Neil was the first to speak up, but apparently this was a traditional punishment for asking for water during a practice.

But enough about his record of evil and violence, let's dive into the basketball itself. Sure, there's a few good years in there, but I think we all know the players did virtually everything themselves. Anyone could have sat on the bench and taken credit for those teams. One needs only look at the 1970-71 season at Army to see his real coaching capabilities. 11-13. A losing season. Way to suck. Then he came to IU, and after a few unmentionable seasons we come to the '76-'77 campaign. 16-11 overall, 5th place conference finish, and no post season. How impressively mediocre! Skip over a few more years and we find again what Knight can really do with a team that's not loaded. The 89-90 season sported an impressive 7-11 conference record, good for 7th place. Somehow the Hoosiers managed an invite to the NIT that season anyway. Maybe Knight showed up at the NIT Selection Committee meeting and threw some chairs. Maybe he choked someone. Maybe he shot lightning from his hands. I don't know, I wasn't there.

A few years later Knight's career at IU came to an end after a long string of student assaults. Still, the student body at large supported Knight, villifying those poor victims who fell prey to Knight's fits of rage. When Knight was banished from the land, the university president was an instant social pariah. Guess that's what you get for guaranteeing the safety of your students from a mad man.

So, with nowhere else to go, Knight stumbled into Lubbock, had another losing season in 05-06, and finally resigned during the 07-08 season, realizing that his career had no future. He finished his coaching career with an astonishing 371 losses. Given a typical 32 game season over most of his tenure, that's enough losses to fully cover 11 seasons. Terrible. Just terrible.

Almost forgot, he was the star of a reality show too. That's right, this evil emperor mixed with serial assaulter had his own TV show. I never watched it, but I bet it sucked. I know the winner got to be on the team, then went on to play all of 5 minutes or something like that in 2 years. What a wonderful experience! Congratulations on your big win! Have a seat on the bench for 2 years. Way to get a kid's hopes up and then crush them Knight.

I think that's enough ammo to get some hate rolling. I'm sure there's more out there, so let it fly. Facts need not stand in your way. Or just choose to expound on the parts that suit you. Works for me.

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