The view from west of the NU Bench

That'd be behind the basket--well, not behind the basket. More off to the side. You know those three rows of seats on each end? Yeah, I was there. Maybe I should've tried to move to the fold-out seats that were about as unoccupied as the new Mackey lower bowl seats. But I didn't. Other people have more nuts and bolts but here are my cliff's notes.

I missed the starting lineups and came in at 7-7. I thought we were pretty aggressive taking the ball to the hole, but the shots weren't falling, so I wasn't too upset we were losing early. I didn't have a good view of the baseline. This made me cringe a lot. I probably should've moved up a row so I could stand. I did that 4 years ago but on the other end & was able to see a lot of scraps for loose balls. Here I kind of cringed when someone went on the baselines--this didn't matter much in the first half (Purdue on offense went down the lane) and the 2nd (NU getting good cuts for easy baskets.)

NU seemed to want to live and die by the 3 and that was ok by me--they had hot and cold spells and despite our butterfingers (or bad positioning) on rebounds I never felt they were physically imposing. I'm just grateful our silly plays near the end of the half didn't result in us losing the lead...I mean, a cheap foul, 2 ft's, then a 3 is not luck we can rely on.

DJ Byrd was a whirlwind on a few plays(and against their bigs) and I should've known better but after that second awesome reverse layup (34-25 good guys) I thought we'd pull away before, bam, 15-2. He had a few other plays (and that offensive rebound from LJ's late 3 should have gone down) and WRT the bad ref calls I figured I just was being biased. The game thread said otherwise.

Is Painter a smart man or what? He seems to know the game rules at least as well as the officials. Keady raved, and I loved that, and he knew what he was doing, but I suspect Painter has read books on persuasive arguments. I could also hear him yelling "MOVE! MOVE!" just as in the game earlier this week.

I was a bit disappointed in the IU Sucks chant by the Boiler fans in the upper north stands. I think the NU students didn't pick up the "I" and so they figured they were retaliating at the team. A bit ugly.

Man but I felt bad for Carmody in the post game interview broadcast through Welsh-Ryan though. I've heard him before after games and he never gets too high or too low but I know I'd've been crushed if Purdue lost and I was just watching. He mentioned the turnover differential as huge. I think Northwestern slightly outhustled us which was a little disappointing but I don't think I've ever seen NU that intense. I'm just glad we survived some early foul trouble for the win.

Players hung around and signed stuff for kids and got pictures taken too. I think I saw everyone. It was really nice to see a team you cheer for be more than the guys who scored more points. Hummel went out for 1 interview with ice on his knee, had to go back to shower, then signed autographs for the kids who had to wait. He was taking care of the last few people as he was told the bus was about to leave.

Stupid trivia: disappointed I forgot my camera for the whole thing. Terribly amused that one of the Sippinonpurple folks got to be in the silly grownup tricycle race during the time-outs. Also disappointed Willie the Wildcat didn't come back to high-five the kid behind me that he missed. Maybe I should've gotten out of the way earlier.

Worst part? Bottled water was $4 but the drinking fountains didn't work. What a racket. But in fairness, they do offer cut-price pretzels and hot dogs near game's end. A few of them warmed me up years ago after a painful loss.

I probably have some stuff I forget, but I'll add it to the comments below.

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