Q & A with Jay Simpson

Q: Why did you play the 5 tonight have you played the 5 for Lalu before ?

A: No I never played the 5 before coach just put me there .I don't know the sets for the 5 I always play 3 he wanted me to body up on their big guy so Ray could drive against them.

Q: Why go to Lalu, ?

A: Coach,my mom and my AAU coach all thought I should. They said it would be better for me to learn the 3 since I wouldn't play the 5 after HS. But I miss my family and freinds. It's all school and travel . We practice twice a day and the classes are real hard usually have 2 hrs. homework per night.

Q: Where do you see yourself at Purdue ?

A: I'll play the 4 when I go to Purdue practices Jack has me watch Rob. Jack gives me the play's and sets for the 4. Jack tells me what to work on and how to break down the 4.

Q: How good is Ray ?

A: He's good real good he's the strongest player I know. He can get his shot everytime. Nobody can can stop him at this level he is strong. I like playing with him we are close .

Q: What has Purdue said you need to work on ?

A: Finishing strong at the rim Jack is on me about that.

Q: So what did coach Gary say to after the game ?

A: What is his name? Gary? I don't know him I know he's new I've seen him at practices. He just said good game or something like that .

Q: How often do you talk to coach Painter ?

A: Not much I talk to Jack alot. Or Jack will tell Ray to say something to me but we talk to Jack. I really like Jack he helps me with my game. But I can call coach if I want .

Q: Why Purdue ?

A: It was Purdue for me since 9th grade everything just felt good. When I did my trip they put me with JJ he drove me around and stuff I really liked him he was fun we just hung out. I talk to him alot I can just call him.

Q: How tall are you really ?

A: Six nine and a half . But at tourney's and stuff they say 6'10 . Doen't really matter if you don't play big.

Q: How good is Wilkins? Are we recruiting him.

A: He's raw but he can really fly alot of programs have come to the gym to see him. Oregon has been there alot and some B1G teams .Not sure about Purdue but I hope so he is fun .

Jay is this super nice guy who loves his family .He has two younger brothers who look up to him . He is very well grounded. He isn't looking for a free ride. He said over and over if I work hard I can do this and that . Every answer was I need to work harder on that. He has his health problems under control and is at 235 where Jack wants him at. Many of you say you want a Purdue type of player well we got one. He is a team player who has already showed us he will give his all for Purdue! He gave up his family and freinds to go Lalu. If he had stayed in Champain he would be getting 20 and 15 per. playing against 6'5 guy's. He isn't looking at turning pro. he is looking at playing the next game and working harder. Purdue is lucky to have him and he will tell you he is lucky to have Purdue.

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