Young Gaurd potential

I really like to compare our Guards against current and former Guards from Purdue. Obviously the most recent elite standard is E'twaun Moore the only guard to come in and dominate as a freshman scoring in double figures. I think that's the goal for all the guards but TJ and AJ's is more similar to LewJack and Smith who also started as role players and developed into statistical and team leaders. Each player scores in a different way and has a little bit different game but each has a knack for making baskets. Obviously everyone's journey is different, and each has overcome some limitations.

This small analysis is of Min/game, Points/game and Assists or Rebounds/game. This is all for meaningless discussion. The best players will always contribute no matter what year. The two older players each had a setback year that hindered their progress. For Ryne it was his freshman year, he should have been red-shirted and for LewJack it was his sophomore year where he could not practice or play and could not improve his jumper. Hopefully AJ and TJ don't have to deal with that. It seems AJ is more the replacement for Ryne as the next shooting gaurd and TJ the replacement for LewJack attacking the basket. The statistics below are averages per game not totals. I did either or on Assists and Rebounds to show their other biggest contribution to the team.

LewJack Min/game - Points - Ast. or Rebounds

Fr. 23.6 - 5.9 - 3.3A

So. 19 - 2.4 - 3.4A (injured)

Jr. 26 - 8.0 - 4.0A

Sr. 24.7 - 10 - 3.7A

Ryne Smith Min. - Pts - Ast. or Rebounds

Fr. 5 - 1.1 - 0.2 R

So. 12 - 2.6 - 1.0 R

Jr. 24 - 6.2 - 2.5 R

Sr. 27 - 10 - 3 R

Terone Johnson Min. - Pts - Ast. or Rebounds

Fr. 19 - 4.9 - 2.5R

So. 21 - 7.4 - 3.2 R

Jr. 25 - 10 - 4 Projection

Sr. 27 - 12 - 4.5 Projection

Anthony Johnson Min. - Pts - Ast. or Rebounds

Fr. Redshirt

So. 15.4 - 6 - 2.3 R

Jr. 26 - 8 - 3.3 R

Sr. 28 - 10.5 - 4 Projection

5th year 32 - 14 - 4.5 Projection

AJ and TJ are on pace to follow LewJack's productivity and hopefully they can make the jump from role player to leader. Give me your projections for AJ and TJ.

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