Support your Boilers - VOTE... in the FINALS!


The final voting round is HERE.  Roll up, Boilers - but don't split the vote too badly.  While Barlow's nasty-jam gives me goosebumps, my vote had to go to JJ.  He's pretty tough for anyone to compete with.  The Minny fans were able to sneak Rodney Williams in to the finals via a wildcard round, but let's not give them the satisfaction of a come-from-behind win.


We all know which school has the best fan support, especially here on SBNation.  You have to look no further than the Open Thread Champs banner on the left (and the fact that our rivals can barely draw flies) to know that.  [2011 update, TMill?]  Well, your Boiler ballers need your support over at BT Powerhouse in 2010-11 Big Ten Slam Dunk Contest.  They did post a link in the FanShots, but it's a tad buried at this point....  The first round groups are up for voting - my update is below.

Group A - Kelsey Barlow had a commanding lead, but it looks like the Minny fans have come on strong.  Right now it's 68 to 42 - Rodeny Williams over Barlow.  All bias aside, Barolw goes coast-to-coast, beats the entire MSU squad up the court, fakes Dreymond Green out of his jock and dunks on him.  Izzo has to call a TO, while Kelsey looks like the baddest dude on the planet.

Group B - No Boilermakers in this group, but right now Will "I think I've seen a ghost" Sheehey leads with 19 total votes.  Jeff Brooks in second with 11.  Very few votes in this group.

Group C - Again, the Minny guys have woken up.  Trevor Mbakwe has overtaken E'Twaun Moore - 44 to 35.  Moore has a couple lightning-fast fast breaks here (both fed by cross-court, laser passes), and finishes with that soft, Smooge touch.  No showboating - just takin' care of business.

Group D - This one just opened Friday, but JJ already has a 19 - 11 lead over Leuer.  There really should be no contest here, but lets make sure of that.  JJ looks like a beast in these clips.  My favorite being where he takes Mike Davis off the dribble - a little fake right, go left - for a dunk that would have torn the roof off of Macky had it not been an away game.

On Friday, Purdue had 3 of the 4 groups well in hand.  In the last 24hrs, we've lost 2 of those.  Let's show who has the best fan support in the Bit Ten.  No indication as to when voting ends, so hustle on over there and Git 'er done, Boilers!

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