The Recruiting Whispers: Storm Johnson

Normally I am not too on top of recruiting, but when I start hearing rumors involving Purdue I want to try and bring them to the forefront. I do this for two reasons:

1.       It brings forth lots of discussion.

2.       As a top Purdue site it is good to have some visibility out there that the fans care.

Since I have the afternoon free after faceplanting on the Monon yesterday, I thought I would take a look at Miami transfer Storm Johnson.

Storm Johnson

106th overall recruit in 2010 per Rivals

4-star running back

6'1", 217 pounds

4.5 sec. 40-yard dash

2010 Stats at Miami: 9 carries, 119 yards, 1 TD

Storm Johnson spent this last season in South Florida playing for the Miami Hurricanes. Like Robert Marve, he is looking to leave the U after just one year on the field. Unlike Marve, he has not redshirted yet, so he would transfer with one year of eligibility used after having to sit out a year. That leaves him with three years to play. As you can see from above, he had pretty limited action, but he was exciting when he got the ball. His touchdown was a 71-yard run against South Florida in the regular season family.

Some speculated that he was in new coach Al Golden's doghouse because he was third on the depth chart and suspended for the opener at Maryland. He is an incredible talent that was highly pursued in high school.

Some of the most recent news on Johnson has him interested in staying in-state at Central Florida. I noticed the rumors on GBI's forum talking about him. One hurricane fan had the following to say:

No proof on any violations. Most being said by angry fans. Ban from 26 schools came from a childish, spiteful young coach, whose attitude is if you don't play for me, you play for no one. Good kid, good grades, good family. He would be a great pull for you guys. - jamescane

We're familiar with the ban on talking to other schools because Marve faced similar limitations when he transferred to Purdue. That was with Randy Shannon. However. Al golden is in charge this time and he is running a different type of ship.

This article lists the number of schools he is limited from transferring to per the release of his scholarship, and he has already visited Purdue before Central Florida. ESPN reports that Georgia and Alabama may be interested as well.

Let's not be blinded by stars here. We just went through this dance of getting a 4-star running back with Al-Terek McBurse and that turned out to be a huge flop. Perhaps we can work a trade with Miami? That said, I definitely would accept him if he decided to come to West Lafayette. You cannot argue that he is talented. By the time he would be eligible Ralph Bolden would be in his senior year. Akeem Shavers would be in the same boat, with Reggie Pegram being a junior (unless he redshirts this year). Doug Gentry and Akeem Hunt would be sophomores or redshirt freshmen.

While nothing is set, here is some video while we wait. I hope to welcome him soon.

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