Mackey Memories 07-11

Dec 17, 2007 vs. Texas Southern - first time Chris Reid played that I can remember...had a chance to score but missed an easy layup then had a hilarious foul as well

Jan 22, 2008 vs. OSU - only good game I ever saw Marcus Green play

Jan 26, 2008 vs. Wisconsin - the block that transformed Hummel into a folk hero among the mindless masses at Purdue.  Paint crew also unnecessarily rushed the court but w/e

Dec 2, 2008 vs. Duke - nothing good except when everyone booed Coach K, after he had won a gold medal no less

Jan 31, 2009 vs. Michigan - Kramers nose broke and the beatdown that followed

Feb 17, 2009 vs. MSU - I had a 7:00 test and the game was a 7:05 tip.  I raced through the test and got to the game with about 12 minutes left in first half.  The game ended up being one of the most brutal ass whoopings we ever handed down to the then #5 team.

Nov 13, 2009  vs. CS Northridge - not only this game but also the two exhibitions; Barlow was beasting fools and that combined with the newspaper feature where players were quoted as calling him weird and leaving it at that really made Barlow one of my favs.

Dec 1, 2009 vs. Wake Forest - first Big Ten/ACC win

Dec 5, 2009 vs. Buffalo - 101 effing points.  Got a jersey with the resulting Bookstore discount

Jan 1, 2010 vs. WV - 2nd best game I ever went to.  Mackey was more crowded than I've ever seen it and it was deafeningly loud too.  When Hummel got the 5 second call it basically just went off.  A nearly criminal blowout of a then top ten ranked and undefeated team.

Jan 12, 2010 vs. OSU - Hummel couldn't miss but we didn't bother to play defense the second half and ended up getting stomped

Jan 28, 2010 vs. Wisconsin - a classic nail biter, Hughes missed a potential game winner/tie-er

Feb 20, 2010 vs. Illinois - file this under reasons to fire Bruce Weber

Mar 3, 2010 vs. IU - Grant and Kramer's senior night

Nov 23, 2010 vs. Austin Peay - the game we finally put Bade in the right position: the bench

Dec 31, 2010 vs. Northwestern - another great game over x-mas break.  Seems that games where students don't attend generally are more exciting because the actual basketball fans get to show up and cheer and boo at appropriate times.  E'Twaun also scored a bunch of points

Jan 19, 2011 vs. PSU - if not for JaJuan's game winning shot, we basically would have slid into the unranked I have no doubt

Jan 22, 2011 vs. MSU - ya it was gameday but it wasn't really the game ESPN signed up for.  We took care of business

Feb 20, 2011 vs. OSU - hands down the loudest/best Purdue game I've ever seen, maybe ever.  Controlled the whole game despite Sullinger's efforts.  Final 3 minutes were basically a jet runway of noise.  Paint crew evencame through with a clever riff for once.

Mar 1, 2011 vs. Illinois - another classic U of I choke job

maybe more to come

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