Review of Hammon's play last night

He did start the game and obviously his team is really good and AJ gets very limited touches. He was only fed in the post once, maybe twice, and he converted. The guards dominate this team and offense with Smithrivera and white point guard heading to NC state (cant remember his name). The commentators spewed their jiz all over Dauntes and Georgetown for most of the game and the white point guard, but once AJ got involved in the second quarter with several post moves and some great blocks they were hyping him and Painter. And IMO, Hammons really has to voluntarily get involved (in the offense) by getting offensive rebounds and putbacks. Otherwise he doesn’t get an opportunity to score. He was actively posting up every possession and was constantly open but their teams guards shoot ALL the time. Even the other bigs get limited touches. But this was a half court game due to the other team slowing it down, which is not Oak Hills style at all. If they would have fed AJ they would have won by 20 and he could have scored at will.
Ok, my breakdown on his skills and style and attitude:
He runs the floor as good as any 7 footer you’ll find, smooth and fluid
He affects every shot in the post, had several easy blocks and a couple nasty swats!
Fantastic touch around the basket, he truly cannot be stopped when he has ball underneath
When he turns his motor on, and he seems to do it at the right times, he is totally dominate at both ends of the floor
Now when his motor is “off”, he seems complacent and flat footed away from the ball which obviously gives him the bad rep from scouts
But his attitude and sportsmanship seemed very solid, as he talks to his teammates and encourages them even tho they don’t get him nearly enough touches
I don’t think he is lazy or unmotivated, but away from the ball he does look that way at times (if that makes sense)
The guy is very poised and collected, he makes it look very easy when he is doing his thing, does not panic or get indecisive at all
IMO, if he were to get pissed I don’t think he can be stopped, especially when determined
Needs major improvement on his post defense and denying post feeds to his man, Big Ten bangs as we all know

I watched entire game and really only watched him (not the ball) when in the game. I certainly came away impressed, really impressed. He and Rivera were by far best players on the floor in the first half. Its like he is quiet, then explodes in stretches when the game comes to him or he gets a touch or two from his teammates. In a structured offense including a post game (and structured defense for that matter) for Matty, his potential is crazy off the charts. I think the ‘lazy" or “low motor” is overstated and somewhat inaccurate.
I am a very skeptical Boiler right now, and after all I’v heard and read on this guy I figured he may be a bust. I realize its only one game, but I’m convinced he is for real. Oak Hill has already played 24 games and traveled thousands of miles!! This kid will be ready for the big ten.
Shout out to oldboiler52 for his work and info as I would not have caught this game otherwise

by Boilerhoosier91 on Dec 31, 2011 8:14 AM PST reply

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