So, obvisouly the extension was the work of genius (Ha!)

Well, a win is a win…I guess. I can’t be excited though. Don’t get me wrong, since Burke gave the mustache another two years I’d rather see us beat WMU than lose (since nothing is on the line), but I’m tired of hearing about “steps forward”. Where? Where have we improved? I’ve just simply seen too much. This game was a microcosm of the whole year: flashes of brilliance overshadowed by gross incompetence. The Hallmark of the Danny Hope legacy, I believe, is a fundamental lack of disciple at all levels. Penalties; Carelessness; Poor decision-making; ‘gangsta attitudes’: it’s all there and it all goes back to coaching. I, for one, have had enough - regardless of contract status.

Let’s look at some of the low-lights:

  • Multiple, personal foul, roughing the passer penalties·
  • Taunting, we taunted: opposing cheerleaders, the press, the opposing team and fans.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: We went “bowling on the field”, struck the “I’m the greatest” pose multiple times, committed a flagrant face-mask and responded to trash-talking when all we had to do was walk away. I’m sure that you can think of more (as there was plenty to choose from)…
  • At least twice WMU ran a play when our defensive line wasn’t even close to being set
  • Defense fumbles (can we not learn from the past, EVER???). Fall on the damn Ball!
  • Suspended players…

I don’t expect perfection, and I realize that there was a lot of good that came out of this game, too (decent Special Teams play, INTs and running game break thru performances). But, in what should be a celebratory occasion, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed. We just aren’t playing to our potential and there’s only one that can ultimately held accountable: Hope.

The students need to take this athletic department back. Protests, petitions, late night marches to administrative personnel…whatever it takes. Quite simply, this was unacceptable from a leadership standpoint. But alas, I realize that apathy will rule the day. It’s hard to get excited; I can’t blame the defeatism.

I know some will say that I am beating a dead horse; others will flame me for the negativity. But I just feel so strongly that we need to do SOMETHING to stop this runaway train. We need to BOILER UP (AND OVER) and fight back!

Just my two cents…

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