Thoughts post WVU game....

So Purdue loses a nail bitter for the second time in a row. It hurts. The loss itself doesn't hurt as much as how it has happened. Twice we had plenty of time to tie the game up at least, twice we made bone-headed decisions at crucial times, twice Moore and Smith were MIA, and worst of all twice we were the better team. The officiating was piss poor both ways, but it seemed like there were more BS calls on us, particularly the Lew Jack phantom touch and all the flops called their way. What made everything the worst though..........the announcers. It sounded as though they were getting off to WV's big shots and plays. The whole game they only showed WV highlights, and what made me most angry was when Jones hit that 3 and the announcers were giggling like lil girls. We just need to shut these people up by winning these games in the future!

So where does this leave us? 

First the things we need to work on:

1)DJ  needs to work on passing vision and shooting confidence. I give him a small pass, only because he was solid this season up till he injured his shoulder, since he hasn't been the same.

2) Moore needs to keep firing, but make sure its his shot and not forcing it. He flashed his brilliance but overall his shots were poor.

3)Smith: where did his shot go? Wide open as can be and nothing. Enough said


The good:

1)JJ is a monster

2)Lew Jack (as long has his ankle is ok) needs to keep doing his thing (minus that last terrible shot).

3) Even in his limited minutes you could see the intensity that John Hart brought. This kid is a spark plug and when he gets his shot back that will open stuff up more for everyone.

4)Barlow: Even with a bum ankle this kid is the most athletic person ive seen in a long time. If he can make a layup like he can finish a rebound dunk...he'll be fine.

5) The best thought: We killed WVU last year....they ended up in the Final Four. Ultimately we must remember its not our regular season that matters as much as what happens in March. Lets just follow their template from last year and end up in the Final Four and none of this will matter because we'll all be happy!


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