Must-See TeeVee for Week 2 of College Football

It's only week two of the college football season, but already there are matchups that will certainly create havoc down the road in the BS BCS playoff bowl schedule. A few of them are bowl-worthy even now, and should make the viewing weekend (coupled with the opening week of NFL action) a beautiful thing. For all of you who aren't going to be able to make the trip to Ross Ade Stadium to see the Leathernecks and Boilers, it would appear that an all day camp out in front of the big screen will be almost as much fun. Enjoy!


#18 Penn St. @ #1 Alabama: An early season showdown between two perennial powerhouses with storied traditions. This should be a trench-warfare type of game unless Penn State freshman QB Bolden causes the Tide some matchup problems. A loss for the Tide will spell doom for their hopes of a national title chase.

#12 Miami(Fla) @ #2 Ohio State: Another great, early-season showdown in week 2, with "The U" coming to Columbus to take on "The" Ohio State University. Two young QB's can enhance their already solid reputations as playmakers, while both defenses will have plenty of opportunity to try and clamp down on the others potent offensive attack. BCS implications on the line here as well.

#17 Florida St. @ #10 Oklahoma: Game #3 on the Week  on the "Must watch" list. The Seminoles have one of the top QB's in the nation (Christian Ponder) going up against the Sooners. Oklahoma had a much tougher time than imagined last week against Utah St. If Landry Jones can't do better than 17-46, I hate to see what FSU does to DeMarco Murray. And the Sooners will drop like a rock to #25 - or out completely.

#22 Georgia @ @24 South Carolina: The unproven, unpredictable Spurrier QB (Steve Garcia) vs the unknown, untested Bulldog QB (Aaron Murray), in an early conference showdown. With A.J. Green not in the lineup, Murray will have to duplicate his effort (and then some) from a week ago. If Garcia can't lead the Gamecocks past a team like Georgia at this point, then he probably never will.

Michigan @ Notre Dame: Both teams trying to regain some footing on the national stage, but I have a feeling the bubbly spirit in South Bend last weekend following the win over Purdue was a bit premature and over-done. We'll see if the same could be said for the Wolverines, but one of these two teams gets exposed in front of a national TV audience.



#7 Oregon @ Tennessee - The Ducks put their high ranking on the line in Knoxville.

Iowa St. @ #9 Iowa - Stanzi and the Hawk D should prevail, but it IS an in-state rivalry.

UNLV @ #20 Utah - Can the Utes return to focus after the triumph over Pitt 10 days ago.

#25 Stanford @ UCLA - QB Andrew Luck tries to take down the Bruins in the Rose Bowl.

Syracuse @ Washington - QB Heather Jake Locklear Locker looks to bounce back from his lackluster 4th quarter a week ago in Provo.

Colorado @ California - QB Kevin Riley leads the Golden Bears against the Buffaloes.

Idaho @ Nebraska - Should get a more accurate reading on QB Nathan Enderle after this matchup.


The "WHY?" Games

Presbyterian @ Clemson

Not quite as bad: 

W. Illinois @ Purdue

That's okay. Enjoy it while you can Boiler fans. Starting next year we'll be down to only one or two "cupcakes" with the new divisional format in the Big Ten, and the addition of Iowa as the annual crossover rivalry game.

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