Grassy Knoll Boilermakings 2/11

There are strange things that happen in this world all of the time. A friend of mine ordered a Kindle, and Amazon accidently sent them an extra one. After years of driving my usual route to campus never having seen even the most minor fender bender, I came upon a 6 car pile up today. Someone once got killed by a meteorite, which as we all know is God's sniper rifle. An IU alum made an amazing play to intercept one of the most talented quarterbacks ever to play football and clinch the championship this very week. Most of us can look at these things happening around us, shrug, and move on with our lives. Well, you know, except for the meteor guy.

Sports has always been a place for wild speculation. In his most recent mailbag, Bill Simmons wonders what would have happened if the Celtics had got the 2nd pick in the 2007 NBA draft and taken Kevin Durant rather than trading for KG. Cubs fans still argue about whether or not we go to the World Series if Steve Bartman could've kept his hands to himself. Remember 4th & 2? Everyone and their mother had an opinion about whether or not Belichick made the right call. Indeed, the entire purpose of blogs like this one is to explore those fun questions that we all have. We read here everyday to talk about how the rest of the season is going to shake out, or who is in the running for the starting quarterback job, or if Ron Zook and Rich Rodriguez will star in a coming of age teen drama (tentatively titled 'Waterskiing on Tears', your move Hollywood). So, when Peyton Manning threw the deciding pick six in the Super Bowl, it was only natural for all of us to wonder about that play. Did Reggie run a bad route, or did Peyton make a bad read? Was Tracy Porter just in the right place at the right time? What if he hadn't caught the ball, do the Colts come back for another 4th quarter win? This is what makes sports fun; all of the what ifs. Unless, of course, you write for Bleacher Report then there must be something darker afoot...

Find out what I mean after the jump along with the rest of the Boilermakings.


Former Purdue Coach Schaus Passes Away
Our thoughts go out to Fred Schaus' family and friends.

Purdue's Guyton Starting to Hit Stride
The Journal and Courier takes a look at sophomore Alex Guyton and previews the Lady Boilers rematch with Ohio State.

The Most Important Statistic in Basketball
An analysis of the Michigan State basketball team's recent struggles in forcing their opponents to take difficult shots, including against our Boilermakers. Great read if you are a stat-head like I am.


Super Bowl XLV Venue Changed to Area 51, Cowboys vs. Krull the Destructor
I was flipping through Kissing Suzy Kolber the other day, and I found this great link in the comments. I might make a weekly feature of ridiculous posts on Bleacher Report. There certainly doesn't seem to be a shortage of content. This article alleges that the Colts threw the Super Bowl by orders of the NFL. Wow. Tip of the hat to KSK commenter Nathan Hale.

Enraptured Saints Fans Decorate Drew Brees' Home With 'Thank You' Shrine
The front gates of Drew Brees' home near Uptown turned into one giant display of heartfelt gratitude for his quarterbacking service to Who Dat Nation. One Deadspin reader, who lives close by, gave them some pictures.

Drew Brees Teaches Crowd at Lucy's His Pregame Countdown Chant
Not much more to say.

Riding the Spirit of a City Renewed
SI's wrap up of what the Super Bowl means to New Orleans. Definitely worth a read. Drew Brees Logo
Reddit changed their logo as an homage to our favorite QB. It is different now, but I got a screenshot;


Ten Predictions for the Big Ten in 2010
The Rivalry Esq. says we open the season by beating the Domers, and eventually end up 8-4. My initial thoughts were in the 8-4 range as well, assuming we get that QB position nailed down and the secondary isn't tanked by the loss of Williams, Pender, and King.

Other Boilermakings;

Texas, Big Ten Have 'Preliminary Exchanges' About Expansion
The University of Texas is talking with Big Ten officials about the conference's desire to add a 12th school, according to The Detroit News.

Purdue Women Take 2nd at Puerto Rico Classic
The women's golf team narrowly lost to Alabama by 11 strokes.

Purdue Solar Racing Club Gears Up for Marathon
The Boilers won the Eco-Marathon last year and came in second for technical innovation. Should be another good year for the Solar Racing team.

Purdue Names New Provost
Purdue University named a new provost and filled a new position in human resources.

NSF Director to Lead New Purdue Research Institute
Purdue University has tapped the current director of the National Science Foundation to lead the school's new Global Policy Research Institute.

This post sponsored by the Illuminati, but don't tell anyone, it's a secret. Until next time, trust no one.

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