Development of a Team

With the end of the season, I want to look to what we are bringing in next year and how it works with what we have returning. I believe Hope is recruiting well, and we should be a MUCH improved team next year!

Here are the incoming Freshmen:
Russell Bellomy QB (6-3, 178 lbs.)
Brandon Cottom ATH (6-2, 233 lbs.)
Doug Gentry RB (6-0, 194 lbs.)
Randy Gregory DE (6-6, 210 lbs.)
Akeem Hunt RB (5-11, 170 lbs.)
A.J. King WR (6-0, 160 lbs.)
Robert Kugler TE (6-3, 240 lbs.)
Shane Mikesky WR (6-4, 190 lbs.)
Taylor Richards DB (5-11, 180 lbs.)
Michael Rouse, III DT (6-4, 300 lbs.)

With only 15 seniors leaving, we will have a small class this year. Look for us to only add 5 more recruits, at most, to the list above. This class will be joining the players listed below to make up your 2011 Boilermaker team. Roster is broken down by class after the jump.

The players in BOLD appeared on the two-deeps at the end of the year. Here they are:

Rashad Frazier DE (6-5, 235 lbs.)
Justin Sinz TE (6-4, 225 lbs)
Josh Davis OT (6-5, 291 lbs.)
Ryan Russell DE (6-5, 250 lbs.)
Jonathan Linkenheimer K/P (6-3, 215 lbs.)
Jack DeBoef OT (6-7, 265 lbs.)
E.J. Johnson S (6-1, 175 lbs.)
Charles Torwudzo WR (6-4, 210 lbs.)
Jesse Schmitt LS (6-2, 225 lbs.)
Landon Feichter S (6-0, 173 lbs.)
Antoine Lewis CB (5-10, 180 lbs.)
Collin Link LB (6-1, 200 lbs.)
Mike Lee LB (6-2, 220 lbs.)

Ryan Isaac DT (6-5, 260 lbs.)
O.J. Ross
WR (5-10, 175 lbs.)
Bruce Gaston
DT (6-2, 300 lbs.)
Sean Robinson
QB (6-3, 205 lbs.)
Joe Gilliam LB (6-2, 205 lbs.)
Gabe Holmes TE (6-4, 223 lbs.)
Ricardo Allen CB (5-9, 175 lbs.)
Will Lucas
LB (5-11, 226 lbs.)
Cody Webster
P (6-2, 201 lbs.)
Reggie Pegram RB (5-11, 222 lbs.)
Normando Harris S (6-1, 180 lbs.)

Henry Lorenzen C (6-2, 284 lbs.)
Skyler Titus QB (6-2, 228 lbs.)
Kakpindi Jamiru LB (5-9, 222 lbs.)
Xavier Melton DT (6-3, 291 lbs.)
Gary Bush WR (6-0, 175 lbs.)
Conner Snapp OG (6-7, 321 lbs.)
Kurt Freytag FB (6-2, 237 lbs.)
Ishmael Aristide S (5-11, 199 lbs.)
Justin Kitchens DE (6-4, 271 lbs.)
Cody Davis C (6-5, 279 lbs.)
Kevin Pamphile DT (6-5, 280 lbs.)
Sean Collins CB (5-7, 170 lbs.)
Xavier Reese WR (6-3, 190 lbs.)
Rob Henry
QB (6-2, 198 lbs.)
Brandon Taylor
DT (6-1, 273 lbs.)
Robert Harris PK (6-0, 205 lbs.)
Trevor Foy OT (6-7, 284 lbs.)
Jarrett Dieudonne S (6-1, 189 lbs.)
Eric McDaniel DT (6-2, 285 lbs.)

JUNIORS (Hope's First Class):
Derek Jackson FB (6-2, 223 lbs.)
Dwayne Beckford LB (6-1, 228 lbs.)
Max Charlot
S (6-0, 190 lbs.) (JuCo Transfer)
Kawann Short
DT (6-3, 305 lbs.)
Al-Terek McBurse
RB (6-0, 193 lbs.)
Zack Heiniger LB (5-11, 200 lbs.)
Antwon Higgs LB (6-3, 254 lbs.)
Chris Quinn S (5-11, 185 lbs.)
Eric Mebane DE (6-3, 225 lbs.)
Josh Johnson CB (5-11, 191 lbs.)
Crosby Wright TE (6-3, 241 lbs.)
T.J. Barbarette WR (5-6, 165 lbs.)
Zack Sigman WR (6-1, 185 lbs.)
Andrew Brewer C (6-3, 297 lbs.)
Rick Schmieg
C/OG (6-3, 315 lbs.)
Tommie Thomas WR (6-2, 190 lbs.)
LaSalle Cooks DT (6-3, 267 lbs.)
Peters Drey C (6-6, 292 lbs.)
Antavian Edison
WR (5-11, 175 lbs.)
Brad Niemeier DT (6-2, 274 lbs.)
Robert Maci DE (6-4, 241 lbs.)
Nnamdi Ezenwa LB (6-2, 222 lbs.)
Gavin Roberts RB (6-1, 211 lbs.)
Caleb TerBush QB (6-5, 222 lbs.)

Ralph Bolden RB (5-9, 194 lbs.)


SENIORS (Tiller's last class):
Kevin Ballinger LS (6-3, 213 lbs.)
Spencer Dawson QB (6-2, 205 lbs.)
Justin Siller WR (6-4, 223 lbs.)
Charlton Williams CB (6-2, 200 lbs.)
Sean Matti RB (5-11, 214 lbs.)
Adam Brockman DE (6-3, 260 lbs.)
Nick Mondeck
OT (6-5, 296 lbs.)
James Shepherd
OG (6-5, 306 lbs.)
Austen Moret C (6-2, 293 lbs.)
Jared Crank FB (6-2, 235 lbs.)
Dennis Kelly OT (6-8, 301 lbs.)
Chris Carlino
LB (6-2, 226 lbs.)
Gerald Gooden
DE (6-3, 235 lbs.)
Ken Plue
OG (6-7, 358 lbs.)
DeVarro Greaves LB (6-2, 220 lbs.)
Logan Link S (6-1, 204 lbs.)
Waynelle Gravesande
WR (6-0, 189 lbs.)
Mike Eargle CB (6-0, 165 lbs.) (JuCo Transfer)
Robert Marve QB (6-1, 210 lbs.) (Miami Transfer)
Kurt Lichtenberg WR (6-1, 185 lbs.)
Albert Evans S (6-0, 206 lbs.)
Joe Holland
LB (6-1, 225 lbs.)
Carson Wiggs
K/P (6-0, 206 lbs.) 
Dan Barry OG (6-2, 295 lbs.)

Keith Smith WR (6-2, 226 lbs.)


Really looking forward to seeing how this team comes together. A lot of our young players received a lot of minutes this year, which can only improve our team depth next year. We will be getting back Keith Smith, Ralph Bolden, Robert Marve, Caleb TerBush, Justin Siller, and a healthy Al-Terek McBurse and Rob Henry. Plus, an influx of new blood with the freshmen/redshirt freshmen class (really looking forward to seeing Chuck T's height on the field at Wide Receiver). Also, I've heard complaints about Hope not recruiting Offensive Linemen, but what you have to understand is that he recruits line talent, and moves them around (ala Nick Mondeck). Look for the same thing to happen in the coming years (this year's should be set as all but one starter returns to both "O" and "D" lines). Barring injuries, I think we should have a great team.

If Hope and his coaching staff can't do anything with this next year, then I will join in on the grumblings, but he has to at least have a chance, with healthy players, to prove himself. What are your thoughts?


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